Rodrigues - The Culture

One newspaper commented, “A visit to Rodrigues is a must.*”


We think you will agree. Rodrigues offers an escape back in time to an era when life was unhurried and more relaxed. Visitors will find the slower pace of life refreshing and rejuvenating. Even the Creole, the heart language of the people, is spoken at a slower pace than in Mauritius, of which Rodrigues is a dependent.


The island has remained hidden from excessive tourism, and visitors will find the people warm and friendly, happy to show you their beautiful island and share a taste of their culture.


*The Star - South Africa - April 1995

Cultural highlights not to be missed include

  • The colourful Saturday market in the capital of Port Mathurin, where a visitor can find the famous handicrafts of Rodrigues: woven straw hats, baskets, pickled lemon preserves, and jars of Rodriguan honey (which has won awards as far away as England!). 
  • The charming local dances and music, including the sega tambour.  Dance lessons are available for visitors wishing to join in.
  • The delicious local cuisine, like fresh seafood, beef rougaille, octopus curry, honey glazed pork, and maize pudding


Rodrigues - The Land
Located 560 km Northeast of Mauritius, Rodrigues is a rugged and mountainous country, 18 km long and 8 km wide. Subsistence farming and fishing dominate the island. Outdoor enthusiasts will delight in the natural beauty that awaits them. Rodrigues offers many hiking opportunities for those seeking an active holiday.


Seventeen islets surround the island. Excursions to these islets, like the bird-populated Ile aux Cocos or Ile aux Sables, make for delightful adventures.

Rodrigues - the Beaches
Immaculate, sparkling beaches and unspoilt coves will capture the heart of tropical sun lovers.

An untouched coral reef surrounds the island, making Rodrigues a scuba diver’s paradise.

Air Mauritius offers flights to Rodrigues. There are daily flights from Mauritius and flights twice a week from Reunion Island. Please contact your travel agent or the Air Mauritius office to book your flight.


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